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>> high winds and heavy rain. we will show you how pg&e are preparing for the worse for them and this is
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an all hands on deck situation if you're >> jacqueline says that it to not be fooled. >>jacqueline: we will tell you how it could impact your early morning and evening commute (male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. new >>pam: tonight at eight.. one down.. two to go. the bay area is catching its breath during this lull between storm and now that the first round of rain has passed .. residents.. utility workers.. and emergency crews are taking the brief opportunity to clean up and get ready for round two. the first system packed quite a punch.. knocking trees down all around the area.. rain and high winds lashed berkeley ... and ()* *wipe vo * )á flooding caused problems for commuters in mill valley.. drivers gingerly pushed through flooding at near the mananita park and ride.. where some vehicles ended up being flooded. and the storm front kicked up some strong waves in pacifica.
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some brave surfers took this break in the weather... to catch a few. but while they were partying.. p-g-and-e spent the day preparing. our jacuelinne bennett is keeping tabs on when the next systems will arrive. of course we began our team coverage with j. r. stone. he is live in the east bay to show how pg&e is getting ready. j.r.? >> they have extra wires. and even extra transformers. looking off into the distance that pg&e facility in the east bay. acres and acres for the storm. >> it is an all hands on deck situation. >> they are ready for worst case scenario. >> they can take out its entire communities.
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>> eye toward the material the yard in the east they were the electrical parts are stored >> we will service as far as santa rosa and east towards manteca. >> many are on a standby if they throw a punch that will throw a punch to the area. >> we could go through 50 transports. >> there will be working 16 hours on and four hours offshore eight hours-off. >> they work on the stocking parts it is not seen that busy now with that is likely to change. >> this could be a quietly congested area once we get into the heat of the storm. they talk about the transformers. some could get knocked out at 50 per night.
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some say that he could even be knocking on it 200-per evening. let me toss back to jacqueline. >>jacqueline: thank j.r.. we will see more rainfall total secured with one-inch in santa rosa. and one-half put the place is in livermore and the delta. very windy conditions. 66 in mt. diablo 41 degrees at s f o. the satellite and radar showing that it is pressed to the east. more rain fall on tap for tomorrow in friday. here it is, the center of its well off to the shore. much of this
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rainfall will be associated and it will be missing us to the north. here is what we expect with the dry conditions overnight in a chance of rainfall throughout the day. but it will not press in and tell 10:00 p.m.. timing it out on futurecast and more storms coming up. >> the north bay was first to get hit with the wet weather. this was earlier in in san rafeal. slick conditions. terisa estacio visit live terisa? >> the conditions are dry right now but as you mentioned it was different earlier. that was from the heavy downpour with conditions near the concerns. >> this was a sign that face
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many in the north bay as the first major storm. there is here, and a sausalito along the 1 0 1. the set of orange cones and there were on the ready to put up more as the day wore on. flooding concerns sent out sandbags several people lined up their storefronts like this posh boutiques. this massive winter storm caused previous winter storm. >> these are six sandbags that we set up last night that the town with available to us. we have them a sitting here in case we need them this weekend. we do not need them today but what is foreseen as several days in a row of a lot of rainfall, we are probably going to need them saturday or sunday. you know, with just
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a lot of rainfall coming in. we will put this in front of the flood gates. at the door jamb. first will be the floodgate and then the sand bags below that. it will hopefully keep us dry. >> take a look if this video the time of some video of how fast this storm is moving out and the next one pressing in. selachian slippery on the roadways. there were moving at a comfortable pace. taking pains of the wet conditions. before the other storm hits. peck out here live the 101 northbound it was smooth sailing. at least for now terisa estacio, kron 4 news. >> in and out of s f o. delays averaging between 60
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minutes-90 minutes. scott is live at s f o. scott? among we are still seen delays 1-2 hours at s f o. i just checked. they are on an altered flight pattern. it has caused all sorts of delays and cancellations on this board all day long. >> we are supposed to take off at 40- >> i think the we're going to be tracks here forever. >> we're also delayed. >> two, three-hour delays. >> those are finding themselves stoc stuck >> flights came to a standstill. >> it is the fact that we are probably going to be standing with countless delays that of caused headaches for several
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delays. caitlin has to be a new work by 5:00 p.m. >> we're not going to land until about three and a morning. >> 60-90 minute delays and even of the storms have cleared for now the wins fence slowed air travel down and left people at the airport looking for ways to pass the time >> we are going to look for a starbucks. >> i think i'm going to hit the wine bar. >> it might not end for a while a spokesperson said the you can expect more delays as more storms continued to press >> stay with kron 4 as we continue to attract the storms. our facebook and twitter pages. turning to
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bay area news the love ones of east bay near teenagers are in shock and mourning. he's a teenage girls as best friends were shot and over and over the weekend. phillipe djegal has more on the victim's in the latest search for their color. >> asserted that this roll off high-school said that their hearts go out to the people of one of our own. that's been as traders say that 15 year-old rock tell was shot to death in oakland on saturday morning. the second was her best friend, 16 year-old filly close friend describes her as a wonderful person. the district superintendents and that this crisis intervention team is on the stand-fantis a large number of students, teachers need counseling. in the meantime they have made one a staff psychologist and five counselors available for
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anybody that needs help. fe have not released much information is not clear weather or not why they were on the cross were shot. no arrests have been made on an ongoing case here pilaf phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. philip this teenage murder suspect with police here reed having the details. >> he was in court for less than one minute and the entire time shore absolutely no emotion the 15 year old is charged as an adult after police say he and his partner robin number of stores at gunpoint. attempting to carjack a child at a 7-eleven and
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killed him. and that a carjacker and sued. >> antibody that is going to be threatening to the community it is important to be-anybody -- that is off the streets is a safer place. >> i do not know how this happened when he cannot even tried the getaway car use only 15 years old. they will not address the nature of the relationship between these two suspects and say the teenager was a willing participant. >> it appears that the juvenile was hit deep and he pulled the trigger. that is a game changer for the juvenile. >> he is being held without bail there will be in court december 5th pure that will determine weather or not they will be tried as an adult. ward if they could
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get any bail set. alecia reed, kron 4. >> coming up, this disturbing sexual predator taking alleged some suggested photos of children under age. gabe slate tech report
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>> new tonight parents are demanding answers from administrators at a san jose schools. a convicted sex offender was granted permission to be on campus with their children. reggie kumar is live in a san jose where a meeting was held tonight. reggie? >> the meeting on that issue is wrapping up at st. frances cabrini. it was
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organized by the diocese but the meeting was not allowed to attend. go ahead and take a look at this " on this principle he told parents and the minister is saying that i do not expect anybody to attend a lecture of a deep desire to have more drama in your life they are remaining tight-lipped. the a a sex offender mark gurries. attended a fund- raiser. forcing the main priest/it ministered to resonate. and with on lawful business and written permission to be on a school campus if that person that does not have direct supervision of children. >> i think that we need more clarification on what
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changes need to be made at the state level. i think the community which is very strong at st. frances cabrini needs to really take participation and a better correspondents. to be able to make sure that he can do whatever he can to change penal code 290 to protect or children. >> they are also dealing with a lawsuit with this sex offender. that reverent a former priest that worked here from 1995-2006 was abusive. he is accused of having a 40 year history of sexual misconduct at fresno, san francisco and san jose. as i mentioned, that meeting is wrapping up. we are looking to get parents reaction. >> the man accused of getting a vallejo police chased and killing. he will
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be eligible for the death penalty is the convicted of officer james last november. they lead on a police chase after a bank robbery. he chased him into a backyard or police say smith shot and killed a veteran officer. >> a san jose man is tender a rest in the southern california posing as a photographer in an attempt to lure a teenage girls to take inappropriate children. . photographs. the parents called police saying that he approached the girl's last week pretending to be a for progression of photographer. wanting to take their pictures. he got their phone numbers and sent dozens of text messages about the pictures and giving the girls of alcohol and meeting them at their homes while their parents were out. he is charged with the intent of committing a sexual
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offense. >> traffic is moving on 880 after crushed cars fell off of a flatbed truck. this was earlier this afternoon. this was sky 78 bc high- definition video. three crushed cars. seven-abc high-definition video news. >> this was around 2:32 other cars hit coast. no serious injuries but in tavarez are hitting best investigating this-accident scene when at 2:30, two other cars hit the cars that fell off of the flatbed truck. >>jacqueline: towe will see some weekend forecast first, let us speak about tomorrow. the clearer skies and clear conditions over the bay area this evening. and a pretty
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big system well off to the s south however, it could finally press and tomorrow night. taking a look at futurecast. the chance of showers to the north bay. by 11:00 p.m. as were the showers room remained. and mostly to the north bay even though we're going to see a slight chance for the 10:00 p.m. hour. and it will spread even further sel soth.. moderate rainfall on friday will continue by 8:00, 10:00 and 1:00. from a 10:00 at 1:00 a.m. on friday. a much longer lasting system will mean a more rainfall totals them what we saw, today. higher rainfall totals. the show
8:21 pm
wars through the day in the north bay will mean one half-the showers. and most of that will stay concentrated in the north bay for the 5:00 p.m. hour on friday. and we can see one-half inch in santa rosa, napa, south of the golden gate, not that much of that is going to change as the go for the early morning hours. that storm, racing through. with san francisco, hayward, concord and over 2 in. in napa. this will be a big rainmaker. a snowfall? we will see it above 6,500 ft.. and of of rainfall. 6005 a repeat. tomorrow, 5-12 in. and 2-4 in. on saturday. for your extended forecast rain fall again but most of it will stay dry. it will not be until 10:00 p.m. and will last until about 1:00 on
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friday. and it will pick up again on saturday but it will mean the have showers. sunday morning, more heavy rainfall and that will be drier weather stay with us, we will be back. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on, for two whole years. from at&t. [ female announcer ] a great price for a great triple-play bundle. [ male announcer ] call now. bundles with u-verse tv, internet and home phone start at $89 a month. now get the same great price for two years. [ female announcer ] switch today and get a total home dvr included, free for life. [ male announcer ] you get reliable, high speed internet on our advanced digital network. choose from speeds up to 24 megs. [ female announcer ] and with u-verse tv you can record four shows at once on your total home dvr and play them back in any room. [ male announcer ] so call now.
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gabe slate tech report >> this past cyber monday has been deemed to the largest shopping day in history. all the numbers are in an online at shop and was up 30% from last year. $1.5 billion was spent. this next up by giving your children a unique trend has perhaps gone too far. meet hash tag jameson... as in a twitter hash tag.. the web has gone berserk some love it, some
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heat it. and google street few mapping just keeps getting better. and further off the beaten path. you can explore the ski slopes they have succeeded these with the equipment on their backs to give you a they have even skied these slopes. and apple this, there is an official release date for the new imac's it is available on friday. many people have been ready for these very small. it just five m m. i saw one and it was impressive. if you like these you are going to 11 it is packed full of improvements they started $1,300. and if what this new study revealed this about e- mail. guess how many world wide are sent in one day.
8:26 pm
144.8 billion. and here are some more fun and statistics. 3.8 billion per day and every about 90%, access them on a smart phone. and it is estimated 11 hours per week are spent reading and responding to e- mails. we will be back.
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>> still ahead, what sparked this brawl in milwaukee and a dramatic image of this funnel cloud that's touched down in italy. >> coming up, your full forecast with wet weather coming back to your bay area. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom.
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>>pam: rock and back. still ahead at 8-30.. the two teenage girls shot and killed in oakland over the weekend, have been identified.
8:32 pm
officials say, the victims, 15-year-old raquel gerstel, and 16 year old bobbie sartain both attended arroyo high school in san lorenzo. raquel and bobbie, were fatally shot early sunday morning. police did not say if they had any suspects in the crime and the shooting is still under investigation. charging a 16- year old as an adult .. in connection to the murder of a bay area man, attempted murder of a police officer, and his alleged role in a string of robberies in the san jose area. a second suspect, who is 26 years old, was also arrested for his part in the crime spree. >> rain clouds rolled in over the bay ...causing several outages all around the area today ... flooding streets and delaying flights at the san francisco international airport. tonight things are drying out a bit.... jacqueline is here.. s this is just a brief pause in the wet weather? >>jacqueline: tonight we did see 1 in. in petaluma and a santa rosa. and others such as palo alto, a unit city did also sees some of their total secured union city, concord and rainfall totals did not disappoint. los gatos, with 72 m.p.h.! and
8:33 pm
the wind speed it totals it did not disappoint. the rainfall has dried up but more on the heels of the next storm with the tail and an existing two sub-tropical moisture. we will time it out on futurecast >>pam: in national news.. the army private accused of leaking sensitive u-s documents to the web site wikileaks ... was back in court. bradley manning is facing a number of charges, including aiding the enemy ... and wrongfully causing intelligence to be published on the internet. manning's lawyers are trying to get those charges thrown out, by saying he was mistreated at the brig in virginia... by being forced to stand outside his cell naked during roll call. today, during a officer in charge of that facility sai, d the nudity was manning's choice. manning is expected to
8:34 pm
testify later this week.. he faces life in prison if convicted on all counts.. >> president obama meets with his cabinent for the first he remarked on the importance of reaching a solution in fiscal cliff negotiations.. and stressed that taxes on the middle class should not go up.. he also commended the leadership shown by governors in the northeast during superstorm sandy. the president however, couldn't escape the firestorm of criticsim over embattled u-s u-n ambassador susan rice. he showed his support when answering a reporters question. >> susan rice is extraordinary. couldn't be prouder of the (applause) >>pam: rice is considered a top candidate to replace secretary of state hillary clinton... but she has been accused by republicans of misleading americans about what prompted the deadly september 11th attack on the u-s consulate in libya.
8:35 pm
this wild scene broke out in a milwaukee courthouse today.. after a driver was sentenced to prison for hitting and killing a boy. 23-year-old dedrick ashford received a year behind bars and one year probation for the fatal crash. the victim's family members became upset after the sentence came down.. and started brawling with ashford's relatives. as many as two dozen people were involved. several were injured.. and arrested. >> in italy.. a massive funnel cloud swept through the southeastern city of taranto wednesday. you can see debris flying everywhere in this dramatic video. the twister was on the ground for more than two minutes. the funnel reportedly left some substantial damage the water... into an industrial area. no word on any injuries.
8:36 pm
>> dyiine and dish is rosa mexicano in the chef is whipping up extraordinary sensibility. >> the wild mushroom taco and a trademark guacamole cart in a lava mortrar and
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hunderenearly 1500 the avocados per day. and that is almost as many as new york city. my top picks are the wild mushroom tacos, and also the pomegranete margaritas anclick on dine and dish. >> in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> and also i am giving away headphones at over $the 300. they use the latest in a noise cancellation technologies to provide a comfortable listening environment with high ambient noise. they also
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offer a cable with a microphone and controller and also music. go to and 'enter to win'....
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now for today's market update... some good news on wall street.. as stocks end the day higher on news that lawmakers are possibly inching towards a deal to avoid a fiscal crisis at the end of the year. the dow gained more than 100- points to close just shy of 13-thousand. the nasdaq jumped up 24-points. and the s-and-p-500 rose 11 points. >> betty white is putting herself up on the auction block. she is a supporter
8:41 pm
for animal rights it begins on monday. a scuffle breaks out at an n-b-a game. gary shows you ahead plus - 49ers coach jim harbaugh really. has two starting quarterbacks. gary has those stories, and all the sports, next
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and actually like something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> honda, honda yes i'm pulling you over for not having your lights on you need to follow me , follow me because i'm pulling this other car in front of you follow me >> when it's raining hard enough that you have to turn on your wipers full blast, state law required you turn on your head lights the driver in the honda and this driver did not so they both get to have a chat whit officer glaze of the california highway patrol you not driving with your headlights on during the
8:44 pm
rain (oh really) the driver of the honda was just a little bit busy when officer glaze tried to talk to her . so let wait ok now lets listen in. i stopped you ma'am for not driving with your headlights one to be honest >> i thought this car had the automatic headlights on are you aware that you have to turn your headlight to the full (i usallly do) apparently i didn't when i picked her up but these two were the only driver violating the nearly 8 year old law the driver of ths bobtail truck was rolling along in the driving rain with no (siren) we going to take the exit the driver said he was aware of the law, he told the officer he was in a rush and was only driving a few miles but listen to what he told me you had no headlight on and its driving rain out there ( it's doesn't make difference to me because my eye vision is very good) believe it or not it has nothing to so with having good vision but everything to do about visibility and common sense
8:45 pm
>> are you aware that it is a moving violation? >> and since we are the subject of common sense, watch as this car zips by past our chp cruiser in the rain wipers on but no lights to happen next >> paul over. >> tell me you didn't see that coming, you're diving with out your headlights on and your but want there's more hi i was wondering why you two were wearing your seat belts back there, im sorry im pregnant and that seatbelt hurts my stomach but let talk to the driver i was not aware of the law that i have to have my headlights on, i would have had them on we stopped quite a few drivers in violation of the headlight law, but for the recored the law does not apply if you have you wipers on intermitten and running lights don't count you need to physicllly turn on your headlights nats here i am as an adiction counncerler teaching my women how to behave propertly and hoe to behave clean sober and legal and here i amd getting caught behaving badly with the redwood city office of the chp i got caught behaving badly
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stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m >>jacqueline: still some of the cloud coverage in the rainfall this evening. rainfall through portions of the belly but is expected to move in tomorrow. this storm offshore and a big one. portions of the-valley. that system is going to park itself over the bay area. there is torn to be a chance of showers to the north. it is skirting around santa rosa and for the afternoon. more showers for the north bay. as record towards this evening heavy rainfall with a cold front. you can see
8:47 pm
by 10:00, 1:00 p.m., and petaluma, by 5:00, the golden gate. and by 8:00, south of the golden gate. and it becomes fairly widespread. it will continue with ongoing for a least several more hours than what we saw today. and as we take a look of rainfall totals. we have seen the rainfall steadily. for about one half and shoinch-d it is still concentrated into the north. confined. not much south of the golden gate but that it changes as the main band starts to press through. rainfall totals nearly 1 in. in the valley locations but take a look at the north bay. 2 in. of rain fall in napa. quite heavy. here is a look at the rainfall totals. with a
8:48 pm
little bit of an inch with nearly 3 in. in the valley locations. and for the mountains, the hills, 3-6 in. with gusting a strong. with 55 m.p.h. and more instability. with more lightning strikes, and even rotation with this storm system. as for the sierras, 6005 a defeat. with nearly 8 in. tomorrow, 1 ft. on friday and a couple of inches even on saturday. a light dusting. as we take a look at our extended forecast rain fall tomorrow. the rainfall will continue for the north bay and a bit of a break by friday. saturday, and another rainfall brake on a saturday but the things will not break this precipitation until next week. and an >> good evening, everybody it was built into a big deal. cameras all over the
8:49 pm
place who was going to be the 49ers starting quarterback? all of the interest is there because the 49ers are reversed please keeruthless team and alex smith, before you receive that can cut-they're both first place teams. >> the rationale is that we have two quarterbacks that we feel great about as a starting quarterback both have earned its, deserved it. and alex, over a long. a ki time and cullen, it by just recently, and it tipped the scales a:has the hot hand. we will go with calling kaepernick. and we will go with alex. >> earlier tonight we come and join a private moment when we said that week-
8:50 pm
>> you seemed a little bit agitated with jim harbaugh. >> can i come clean? >> yes. >> in the upper business has changed so much. with the internet, and what we do does not carry the same weight. there used to be people that would cover its four years. they were experienced, they made a good living and there were older. the coaches might respect them more. maybe i am longing for those days. if i am coach jim harbaugh and somebody asks me a personal question i would tell them to go to hell. your wife, your kids, and i would say that listen you little media slugs... who is going to start at the quarterback. and yet, i do
8:51 pm
not a police. jacqueline... [laughter] and what i am saying it is that people that covered the team today are just a lot of younger guys. they are trying to get their feet wet. they are got going to challenge somebody making $5 million of the which is one of the most popular guys in the area and i think that jim harbaugh could give a little bit more people some respect. if it is a personal then they can have it but it is his job to answer that. i would rather have a jim harbaugh that has victory, but i would rather just have something different. if you want
8:52 pm
something to crow like that, go oakland. but basically, he thinks that everybody is against him. >> people are interested. that is why you make $5 million per year. and i do not know him personally. but i do not like it when they believe those little guys. >> i can get it. >> are resell it? >> we are always a solid. >> there have been times. a lot hellenist hear what kaepernick says. >> i do not know if it is the hot hand or whatever you call it but i am just glad that we are going back. alex smith and i are great our relationship is great all i want to do is focus on playing football. it is tough but when the coach
8:53 pm
makes the decision, we go with it. >> alex smith is a class act all the way. that is what we would expect. >> that is exactly what alex is thinking. >> the raiders 3-8, still trying. they have made a run on this jason released by the philadelphia eagles a pass rusher, and the jacksonville jumped an incline to him. and mcclain is probably history. he is the linebacker who got into trouble last year and was not at practice today. more than likely he will be released tomorrow. he has been disappointing. >> the we man named su .. no suspension but they felt that the ruling was decided that they could not reach a judgment. they felt that it was nasty enough. he is
8:54 pm
flying to buy $30,000. and barry bonds, the baseball hall of fame will be on that ballot. we will see through the month of december, voting and will be announced january 7th. if you are a betting man? they might make him wait because of his connection to steroids. we are back with warriors story you are going to want to hear. jack, you said you wanted a whole new breakfast item.
8:55 pm
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i give you... flap jacks. hmm! thing is, i don't know if i'm comfortable with people eating my face. how 'bout a loaded breakfast sandwich with country-grilled sausage, bacon, ham, two fried eggs, and melting cheese on toasted sourdough. don't do it. don't eat my face... do not eat my... you ate his face?!
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>> the warriors are in first place. they are back against denver but this andrew bogun makes you scratch his your head. the richest and downplaying this surgery. it turns out that he had a micro fracture in he could sit for quite a while. bad news for the warriors s team... the brooklyn nets..
8:58 pm
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